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Woodland Planting​

These sites are owned and managed by Sykes Timber in a sustainable manner to provide Home Grown Hardwood for current and future use.

Site A - Area 21 Hectares

A total of 12,165 trees were planted on bare land in March 1994. The site has been divided into 8 blocks of between 1 and 3 hectares. Each has been designed to use the site to its best advantage, in terms of species suitability and planting density, whilst paying high regard to the appearance of the site and its compatibility with its surroundings.
The ratio of planting is predominately Broadleaves (94%) with some Coniferous and a proportion of Woody shrubs mixed in. The site has been planted to incorporate rides and other open areas, hedgerows have been preserved, and to offer “Wildlife Corridors”. The area is naturally abundant in wildlife and the planting has been carefully designed to take sympathetic account of an SSSI and Wetland Habitat, providing conditions whereby wildlife can flourish.
Further planting in January 2002 approximately 5,500 trees; 25% Oak, 25% Ash, 10% Wild Cherry, 10% Sweet Chestnut, 5% Walnut, 5% Alder, 5% Birch, 5% Mixed Broadleaf and 10% Woody Shrubs.

Site B - Area 8.3 Hectares

4 hectares semi-mature Oak. This woodland contains some outstanding Oak trees but was badly in need of thinning when we acquired it. The thinning has now been completed with the removal of approximately 30% of the smaller and poorly formed trees to allow the remainder of the crop to develop to maturity. 4.3 hectares open ground planted January 2002 with mixed broadleaves approximately 7,750 trees at 2,250 trees per hectare.

Site C - Area 24 Hectares

Mixed broadleaf woodland, mainly mature Oak but including Ash, Cherry and a small stand of Western Hemlock. This woodland can be managed in an entirely sustainable manner supporting a wide range of plants and animals whilst felling and replanting for a long term crop.