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Silver Fir – A New Choice?

The timber market naturally is revolutionising constantly. After all, timber Is a wholly natural product. Politics, wars, climate change along with an illimitable list of other factors, cause us to change how we and where we supply certain species from continuously.

To not do so, would be to bury one’s head in the sand. Squeezing the production of a species that clearly has no commercial future is not only short sighted, but also unsustainable for our planet in some instances. As an industry we have a historical past of just this.

When a new species find’s itself listed on the timber market, it shouldn’t be shot down. Perhaps we should focus on what it can do instead of what it cannot. We’re not suggesting Purpleheart should be used on yacht decks, or Red Oak exterior gates. What we would like to suggest is Silver Fir used for interior joinery.

The first time this has been listed on the UK market, it provides an excellent option, being cost effective and available in a QS grade too.

Please contact for more information.Silver Fir QS Grade.