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Southampton International Boat Show

Sykes Timber at SIBS 2023.

Sykes Timber, despite not having a traditional history of supplying wood to the boat trade, has been steadily increasing its involvement in the industry. Recognising the growing demand for high-quality timber in boat construction, Sykes Timber has strategically shifted its focus to meet the markets need. They have successfully positioned themselves as a reliable supplier of premium wood materials for boat building purposes. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Sykes Timber has emerged as a trusted partner in the boat trade, expanding their presence and contributing to the industry’s growth.

Sykes have recently embarked on a new venture by starting to supply Java teak. Traditionally associated with the boat trade and other wood industries, Sykes Timber recognised the increasing demand for a legal, natural, high quality and sustainable Teak option. By forging partnerships with plantations in Java, Indonesia, Sykes Timber has secured a reliable source of this sought after wood, which comes with FLEGT certification.

Please stop by for a drink and a chat at what will be Sykes Timber’s first ever boat show.