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Sykes Timber visit their Teak production Indonesia.

Sykes Timber visit their Teak production Indonesia.

Sykes Timber carried out a visit to Java last month to oversee their ever growing Teak production, serving the UK and European Markets with a natural, legal and sustainable Teak. The Teak trees are grown on a 60 year cycle which is unique for Teak plantations. Normally beholden to shareholders demands, trees are felled at around 20 – 30 years for income. The beauty of Indonesia’s government run plantations is there isn’t an urgent financial need, leaving the trees for 60 years allows for bigger logs and better quality Teak.

Joe Sykes said ‘I have been truly impressed by the exceptional management of Teak plantations in Java. The meticulous approach to cultivation, maintenance, and sustainable harvesting showcased a deep understanding of the land and its resources.

Witnessing the local expertise and dedication left me in awe of their ability to nurture and sustain such a valuable timber. It reminded me that as Europeans, we should recognise that locals have the knowledge and authority to manage their land in ways that align with their unique cultural and environmental contexts, and it is not our place to impose our perspectives on them.’

We are truly excited to be able to offer this to the market, please contact or call 01827718951 for more information.